5 Ways to Get Fit on Holiday Without a Pricey Gym Membership

5 Ways to Get Fit on Holiday Without a Pricey Gym Membership

Believe it or not, gyms are actually not the only way to get fit whilst you travel! Calisthenics is the new buzz word around town at the moment and for a good reason too. Body weight exercises are undervalued. We don’t need to be pushing and pulling three times our body weight to get those gains. There are tons of ways to get and stay fit on holiday without having to join a gym. So here are some of our favourite fitness activities… without a gym!

  1. Zumba: We know what you’re thinking, Zumba is just for ladies who love to dance. Wrong! Zumba is a fusion of Brazilian dance moves and fitness moves that will get your heart rate rocketing. Whether you’re a great dancer or have never danced a day in your life, Zumba is a way to get you moving and sweating completely equipment free… plus it’s the perfect way to break down those barriers and make new friends whilst travelling!
  2. Beach Bootcamps: If gyms aren’t your thing, try a location that’s a bit more inspiring. Beaches are one of our favourite places to workout. You’ve got the sand and the water to give you all the props you need for one gruelling workout. Whether it’s an ocean swim, a beach run or even you favourite workout on the sand, the beach will not fail to get that sweat dripping. Make the most of being on holiday and use it to your advantage.
  3. Nature Trails: Environments that you enjoy to be in is half the battle, so pick a place you want to explore and turn training into something you enjoy too. If you love the outdoors and breathing in the fresh air, then getting in nature, finding a path, or running off the beaten track will be all your need. You’ll be exploring, discovering and exercising all in one!
  4. Yoga: Ok we lied when we said you won’t need any equipment, you may need a yoga mat for this one. But lucky for you, yoga is a practice that can be done anywhere and anytime. You don’t need a class or even a teacher. Yoga is all about you, your mat and your breath. It’s a practice for you, by you. Our sister resort at Atmanjai is all about yoga, and they’re right on our doorstep!
  5. Bodyweight Strength: You may not be pumping the weights but that sure does not mean that you can’t be getting stronger. Use a park bench for tricep dips, find some monkey bars for pull ups, use the grass for your push ups and use your hotel floor for your sit ups. Be resourceful, use what you have and think outside the box, you might surprise yourself!







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