A Plant-Based Christmas

Want to do Christmas a little differently this year? Why not try Christmas plant-based style! Whether it’s a plant-based diet for ethical or health reasons, there is no doubt that being plant-based has had a huge rise in recent years. If it’s something you practice daily, follow every so often or have been thinking about dabbling in lately, we’re here to help bring you a plant-based Christmas you’ll never forget.

Forget the roast turkey, stuffing and beef gravy, we’re talking nut roast, cranberry sauce and vegan Christmas pudding! That’s right, we’re turning the tables and putting our own spin on Christmas this year. If you’re tempted to try this but don’t want to be singled out, here are our top tips for surviving a vegan christmas.

  1. If your first thought is, ‘what will everyone think’, think again! We’ve learnt that instead of singling yourself out and making it obvious that you’re eating differently to everyone else, why not make enough vegan alternatives to feed the whole table. That way you get to inspire others with your vegan christmas feast and don’t feel like the odd one out in the process.
  2. Don’t preach it. Everyone approaches diets and eating habits in different ways. If you preach a certain way of eating too much, this often turns people the opposite way. Have an open mind and hope that they do too.
  3. Get experimenting. Make the vegan feast appealing. All too often vegan food is seen as just eating raw lettuce or plain veggies with no flavour. It’s your job to change their perception and make a feast that they wouldn’t even know was vegan.

Credit photo: veganbristol.com






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