Beat the Jet Lag

Beat the Jet Lag

Love travelling but hate the dreaded jet lag that comes with it? Lucky for you, we’ve become pros at mastering the jet lag game and now we’re here to help you beat it too so that you can enjoy your holiday to the max.

Jet lag starts the minute you step foot on that plane, so get time savvy. As soon as you’re on that plane, mentally get into the timezone of your destination. If it’s a meal time or a sleep time at your destination, then embody that and get into that zone. Sleep when it’s nighttime. Eat when it’s a meal time. We promise this will take days off your jet lag on arrival!

Be a trooper and power through. If you didn’t manage to sleep on your night flight and arrive in the morning, try to power through your day so that you’ll sleep soundly that night. Napping can often throw your routine out of balance and disturb your sleeping pattern. That so called 20 minute nap could turn into a 3 hour nap… so better to avoid it altogether.

Get yourself busy, explore your new surroundings, walk the streets, go for a meal and get adventuring. This often distracts us from our tiredness and ensures a peaceful first nights sleep.

If you need extra sleep support, melatonin is also super helpful in getting you into that deep sleeping phase. If you’re a sufferer from waking up in the middle of the night or even have trouble falling asleep, taking a natural melatonin tablet before bed will help ease you into a deep sleep.

Be kind to yourself and give your body the goodness it needs before bed. For some that might be a hot bubble bath, for others that means a lavender oil run or even a hot cup of camomile tea. Listen to your body and take those self care steps to make sure you sleep well and get to make the most out of your travels.







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