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Find the Perfect Massage That’s Right for You

Being in Phuket does have its advantages, and the massage parlours are definitely one of them. There are massage spots on every corner, all offering good quality massages at very reasonable prices. There are four common types of massages here in Phuket. We’re explaining each one below to help you find the perfect one for you.

Oil Massage:
Oil massage is probably the most common type of massage here in Phuket. It’s also probably the most similar to any time of massage you would have had in your home country. If you like things soft and relaxing, this is definitely the massage for you. Lie down for an hour of pure bliss and transcend your body to a state of deep relaxation.

Thai Massage:
Instead of the use of oils, Thai massage involves more technical movements. You will be pulled and stretched left right and centre. Often a little more tough and less relaxing. The masseuses also use cracking as a tool to release any built up tension. Perfect for anyone training or practicing Muay Thai on the daily.

Foot Massage:
Foot massages are super common here, and for a good reason too. Sit yourself down into a big comfy armchair, lay back and enjoy an hour of foot relaxation. Your feet map every organ of the human body, so massaging the specific reflexology points on the feet will not only relax you but also help alleviate any bodily ailments too. You’re also treated to a little head massage to finish it off… the icing on the cake!

Deep Tissue Sports Massage:
For those of you who like your massages hard, this one’s for you. Deep tissue sports massage allows you to get deeper into the muscles and really iron out those built up knots of tension. With the use of tiger balm to help warm up the muscles and alleviate that lactic acid build up. It may not be pain free but you’ll sure feel more nimble by the end of it!







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