Horse Riding in Phuket

Horse Riding in Phuket

Ever seen those stunning images of beautiful white horses galloping along the crystal white sand, and wished that someday that could be you? Well now’s your chance. That beach horse riding fantasy can now become a reality on our very own Friendship Beach!

Just close to Friendship Beach, you’ll be able to rent a horse and ride along the sandy beaches. It’s the perfect way to explore Phuket’s beaches and stunning scenery. You can ride from anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your riding skill level. Choose jungle and plantation routes, or a more classic beachfront route. 

Horse riding along the beach may sound romantic and serene, but don’t be fooled. Riding on the sand is a completely different experience to riding on concrete. It requires a lot more physical effort. 

Phuket Riding Club is well equipped when it comes to renting riding boots and helmet, and showing you where you need to go. We often advise avoiding mid day riding in the sun, and instead choose early morning or sunset times to get the most enjoyable experience from your riding! 







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