How to Pack Your Life into a Carry-On

Ever tried to pack light but seem to fail every time? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Although the intention might be there, sometimes it’s hard to follow through. You can’t make decisions on what you want to bring so you end up taking it all… we’ve all been there. Today is your lucky day where we’re sharing our top tips on how to pack your life into a single carry-on. So what are you waiting for…

  1. Be Ruthless
    This is a matter of being tough on yourself. Packing light doesn’t come easy. It’s a matter of being hard with yourself which will eventually reap its rewards. Plan ahead and think about where you’re travelling to and what kind of activities you’ll be doing. Make sure you have appropriate clothing for the trip, but don’t pack options. Let essentials become your best friend.
  2. Reware and Reuse
    As you won’t be packing different outfit options, you’ll have to learn to rewear and reuse your clothes. So plan ahead and look up local launderettes in your area, so you can pack as efficiently as possible.
  3. Lose the Liquids
    As airports are getting stricter and stricter when it comes to taking liquids on flights, we suggest not taking them at all. Save your sacred suitcase space for more important things. Toiletries are something you’ll be able to find in your destination country, so just stock up once you land.
  4. Keep Rolling
    How to pack is the big debate. Do you lay everything out flat, fold it into sections or perhaps roll it. We personally love the rolling option. Your clothes end up taking up almost no space, you can pack so much more in and they don’t get creased… win win!
  5. Packing Cubes
    If you’re one for being organised, then you’re going to love packing cubes. These are very thin material storage cubes for your belongings. They come in all sizes and they’re perfect for when you want to grab something quickly with easy access!






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