Summer Heat

How to Survive The Summer Heat

Rainy season is well and truly out the way and we are well into summer time here in Phuket. Things are heating up and the hot switch is most definitely on. For some escaping the cold winter back home, this is a dream come true. But for others who prefer it a little cooler, we’ve put together our top survival tips to get you through this hot spell.

  1. Get Shady – Don’t forget to bring your umbrella with you to every beach trip. Most of the beaches here in Phuket aren’t shaded, so once you’re out in the open sand, there isn’t much escape. Make sure to invest in an umbrella so you can enjoy your beach days to the fullest.
  2. Get Wet – The sea is your saviour. Sunbathing on the the sand for hours on end can be tough work, so make sure you take regular trips to dip in the ocean and cool down properly.
  3. Stay Hydrated – Make sure you’re carrying water with you at all times. We cool down from the inside out, so always be sure to take a water bottle with you at all times. Try to avoid plastic and go stainless steel; this helps keep you water cold all day long!  
  4. Get Time Savy – The sun is at its strongest from the hours for 10am-2pm, so try to avoid this time outdoors. If you’re going for a run or sunbathing, it’s best done before or after these times. Instead, find an air conditioned cafe and enjoy a leisurely lunch or indulge in your favourite book!
  5. Stay Cool – Grab yourself a trusty little portable fan and enjoy the pleasures of cool air anywhere anytime!
  6. Get Loose – Make sure you wear baggy clothes and keep yourself loose. Try to go for cotton clothing as this is more breathable and more sweat proof too!







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