How to Upgrade Your Morning Coffee

How to Upgrade Your Morning Coffee

Are you addicted to the black juice? Depend on it to get you out of bed in the morning? We’ve got some some coffee hacks that will transform your regular coffee routine.

Ditch the sugar. If you’re needing to add sugar to your morning coffee, chances are you’ll be energy crashing soon after. The sugar and caffeine combination will get you on a high, but will also get you on a low. Our insulin levels spike as we have sugar, but what goes up must come down. If you really need that sweet stuff, try healthier alternatives like coconut sugar or stevia instead.

Love the cream? Frothy lattes or creamy coffees might be giving you unwanted inflammation. Dairy has been proven to cause inflammatory effects on the gut, so be sure to watch that cream!

Go bulletproof. Our friend Dave Asprey has revolutionised coffee. Ditching the milk and the sugar, and replacing it with MCT oil and ghee. Medium chain triglycerides are basically just a really potent form of coconut oil. Blend that with ghee and you’ve got yourself one high fat creamy bulletproof coffee. The added fat will keep your energy levels sustained, have you feeling full, ward off any sugar crashes and get your brain focussed too, it’s a win win.

Ice ice baby. If you love a good old iced cappuccino, you’re onto a winner. That added ice adds extra hydration and keeps your drink lasting longer too.

Make the switch. Switching your regular skimmed milk for a dairy free alternative like almond or coconut milk will get you going. The vegan milk alternatives are less taxing on the gut as they’re easier to digest. Plant-based milks are also now becoming widely available so you can enjoy them without having to bring your own milk cartons everywhere with you.






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