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Ever stopped to wonder about climate change and the impact your daily activities have on the environment? This is a hot topic at the moment as the “Nature Now” and “Fridays For Future” movements are making big waves in waking us up and sharing the harsh realities of our environmental condition. The main activist behind these movements is Greta Thunberg. Greta is a 16 year old girl from Sweden, who has committed her teenage life to campaigning for climate change, which has gained some global recognition. 

Greta is taking the world by storm with her weekly Friday marches, rallying hundreds of thousands of people to take to the streets and march for climate change. These people include minors who are striking from school and marching for change. 

These movements have sparked inspiration in us and has made us question our actions on this planet. There are small changes that we can make daily that can have a big impact. Here are some steps we are trying to implement here in Phuket, and perhaps you can give them a try too.

  • Walking wherever possible rather than using a scooter, taxi or bus. 
  • Conserving our water usage and turning the water off whenever we can. 
  • Reducing the use of plastic as we see the damaging effects this can have on our beautiful beaches and environment.
  • Recycling as much rubbish as possible – there are usually recycling bins next to any general waste bin! 

These small steps help to create a realistic change from within. Small changes everyday can lead to big outcomes. Imagine if every single person made one small change everyday! What change are you going to start with?



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