Phuket on a Rainy Day

Phuket on a Rainy Day

There’s nothing worse than booking a summer getaway to then only be welcomed by tropical rain all day long. Once monsoon season hits in Phuket, the streets turn into rivers and those long sunny beach days become a distant memory. But don’t fret, we’ve got a whole load of activities to keep you busy and occupied for those rainy days here in Phuket.

  1. Shopping
    What every person does on a rainy day on holiday… hit the shops! Lucky for us, Phuket has got two beautiful shopping malls, Jungceylon in Patong and Central Festival in Central Phuket. Both include cinemas, food courts and all the shops you could ever dream of, so your rainy day will be filled with activities all day long.
  2. Spa
    Why not use the rainy day to make the most of all the amazing spas Phuket has to offer… you won’t be short on choice. Treat yourself to a whole pamper day with massages, reflexology, nails and hair, and come out feeling like a brand new you!
  3. Thai Cooking Class
    Get into the Thai culture and learn a thing or two about Thai cooking. The most famous Thai cooking school is the Blue Elephant school in Phuket Town. Learn the tricks of the trade and take a little piece of thailand back home with you.
  4. Cafe Hopping
    Phuket isn’t short on cafes and coffee shops. Become a digital nomad for a day and spend your day hopping along each coffee shop, tasting the food and become a real coffee critic.
  5. Phuket Shows
    Phuket has got tons of shows on offer, from the Simon Cabaret to the Fanstasea show. Grab your tickets and get lost in Thai culture. Soak up the colours, sounds and ancient Thai traditions.
  6. Muay Thai
    Go and see it for yourself. Muay Thai is Thailand’s most renowned sport and they pride themselves on it. From as young as 8 years old, watch how this sport becomes a part of their life. After months of prep and training, the fights are a chance for the fighters to showcase their skills and put their work to the test. The talent is unreal and the atmosphere is buzzing, it sure will wash all those rainy day blues away.







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