Sleep Hacks for Every Traveller Needs

Sleep Hacks for Every Traveller Needs

Most of us often overlook the importance of sleep, especially when we’re travelling. Whether it’s taking a night flight, time difference or just lack of sleep due to a new environment, travelling takes its toll on our sleep. Sleep is the time when our bodies can recover and refuel from the day. Getting proper rest gives our mind time to unwind, so we can wake up feeling fresh and sharp the following day. Sleep is the time when our body can digest food from the day and heal without any other distractions getting in the way.

Just as we prioritise things to complete during our days, sleep should also be a non-negotiable priority for us at night. However it can be difficult for a lot of us to even fall asleep in the first place whilst travelling. So we have put together some of our favourite tips on how to sleep like a baby, without the artificial help of sleeping pills…

Bedtime rituals: Start practicing some positive nighttime rituals. You can try taking an epsom salt bath with lavender essential oils, try a body check meditation, read a book, drink camomile tea or even have a relaxing oil massage. If you start these rituals at home before you travel, they’ll be easier to implement into your travelling routine too. All these rituals help you get into a relaxed mindset to be perfectly prepped for sleep.

Less light: Avoiding artificial lights and screens at least 1 hour before bed can have a huge impact on the amount we sleep. Instead of watching hours of television in your hotel room or mindlessly scrolling through your phone, try to set some boundaries between you and your electricals before bedtime. This also includes indoor bright white lights too. A couple of hours before bed, try to dim the lights in your room to help your body prepare for sleep. Try soft lighting, even coloured lamps, to create the perfect night time mood.

Timing is everything: Prioritising timing into your routine can also be beneficial. Going to bed and waking up at the same time each day helps to set your body clock into a natural rhythm… so, your alarm clock will soon become redundant! This can be much harder when time difference and jet lag is involved, but if you can immerse yourself into the routine of your new time zone, this will take days off of your jet lag.

Sleep deep: Not only is the amount of sleep per night important (recommended 7-8 hours per night), but also the timings of our sleep. As humans, it is in our nature to sleep at sunset and wake at sunrise. Phuket has some of the most stunning sunrises and sunsets in the world, so just another excuse to plan around the sun!

Sunlight: Exposing yourself to enough sunlight during the day actually to encourages deep sleep during the night. Natural sunlight helps to increase your sleep hormone melatonin. So when it becomes time for sleep at night, your body will be well prepared for a long nights sleep ahead. Lucky for you, travelling in Phuket means lots of sun exposure all day long!

Setting these kind of boundaries, adding in these nighttime rituals and getting into a set routine will not only help you fall asleep more easily, but will also help you stay asleep throughout the night.






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