The 21st Century Healthy Holiday

Gone are the days of going on holiday to eat all you can eat, drink all you can drink and sunbathe all day long. We are all too familiar with this kind of holiday. Although it may be fun at the time, our waistlines don’t feel so fun once we return home. 

However, holidays are taking a turn for the better. We’re talking… being up at the crack of dawn, exercise every morning, fresh veggie juices throughout the day, long power walks and vegan buffets. This is what we like to call, the 21st century healthy holiday! Here are some of our favourite swaps to turn a classic binge eating holiday into a healthy one.
Swap 1: Wake Up Time
Although holidays may be for relaxing, this doesn’t mean waking up at midday and going to bed in the early hours of the morning. Instead, we like to wake up early, even early enough to catch the sunrise, and start our day on a high. That way, come sunset and dinner time, we’ll be ready for bed. This way, our body clock adjusts to the rhythm of sunrise and sunset, which can be hugely beneficial for our sleep quality and energy levels!
Swap 2: Morning Routine
Your classic holiday morning routine may consist of waking up and heading straight downstairs to the breakfast buffet… but not this holiday! We’re switching things up for a morning workout. This could be a brisk walk, a run on the beach, a powerful swim or even hitting a class at the local gym. Whatever it may be, getting some movement in first thing in the morning is the best way to kickstart your metabolism and make sure you’ve got your steps in for the day!
Swap 3: Holiday Diet
We’ve all used the excuse “calories don’t count on holiday” before, but sadly they do! Instead of heading home with extra kilos you need to work hard to get rid of, try staying healthy and lean all holiday long. That means, making healthy food choices throughout the day. Load up on veggies, take advantage of all the natural fresh produce and stop eating when you are full. Of course, holidays allow for some indulgences, but just be mindful not to go overboard!
Swap 4: Drink Smart
Switching alcohol for water may not sound like such a fun swap, but we promise you’ll thank us for it. Loading up on water is essential for maintaining a healthy body. It’s easy to go long periods of time of not drinking water, but instead drinking things like artificial juices, beer or cocktails. However, alcohol is known to be dehydrating, so hydration becomes even more important when you’re on holiday in a hot sunny place. So we recommend loading up on at least 1.5L of H20 per day to keep your body in check all vacation long!







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