The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour

Got a calming morning routine? These days, it’s common for most of us to wake up to the sound of an alarm, snooze a little in bed, zombie walk as we get ready, grab some breakfast on-the-go and rush out the door in a hurry to our first meeting or appointment. Starting the day like this can increase our stress levels and have an impact on the decisions we make and how we feel for the rest of the day.

The golden hour is something we like practice every morning to start our day off well. This is all about waking up an hour before you have to be ready. So instead of waking up in time for our first meeting and rushing to get ready in time, leaving yourself an extra hour in the morning can do wonders for your mood and your day. You’ll find you start the day with calm, peace and with low stress levels.

This golden hour also allows you the time to reflect and take things slow. It’s common for most of us to have that never ending to-do list that never really seems to get any smaller. Practicing the golden hour will give you that extra time to be productive and in turn, instill a sense of accomplishment. You will have the time to make a nourishing breakfast instead of grabbing whatever is to hand. You’ll also have to that time to sit and enjoy it without eating on the run.

As well as this hour is helpful to complete our to-do list and get things done, it also sets us up in the right headspace for the day. Our most favorite way to enjoy this golden hour is to wake up for sunrise. Lucky for us, the sun rises at the most perfect position right on our Friendship Beach, so we get the best view in the house! Seeing the sun rise, hearing that morning chirp from the birds and listening to the calming sea, is such a powerful way to wake up. The sunrise light can be so meditative and energizing at the same time. If you start your day with some quiet headspace and stillness, you will notice the difference in how you act and react during the rest of your day.

So maybe you could give this a go yourself? Whether you have access to a beachfront or not, adding in the golden hour to your morning routine can transform your life. Give it a go and let us know how you get on!







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