The Low Down on a Raw Vegan Diet

The Low Down on a Raw Vegan Diet

A raw vegan diet might seem quite extreme for some. No meat, no dairy, no fish, no eggs, no cooked foods! For some this is unimaginable. However when you alter your mindset from what you can’t have to focusing on the foods that you can have, you might start to think a little differently.

A raw vegan diet is limiting is some regards, however this limitation forces you to find the beauty in the simple foods. It allows you to get back to basics and get creative with nature’s goodness. Nourishing your body with plant-based foods like fruits and veggies, will flood your system with the nutrients it needs.

A raw vegan diet is defined as eating strictly plant-based and not eating anything that has been heated over 40C. By not cooking your veggies, this restores all the goodness within them. Cooking veggies at a high heat can cause the minerals to be destroyed, therefore keeping them in their raw state will ensure that you are getting the most from you food.

We know what you’re thinking, you’ll have to eat carrot sticks and raw celery for every meal. Quite the contrary. Using a dehydrator allows you to get creative with your meals. Dehydrated carrots, kale chips, and even seed crackers will open up a whole world of plant-based meal options. Dehydrating foods removes all the moisture from your food, so that you are left with rich flavours and crunchy textures.

Ever tried swapping your regular spaghetti for zucchini? Just simply grab a spiralizer and shred it into spaghetti. Add some delicious homemade pesto and enjoy. This is the perfect low-carb alternative and adds extra veggies into your diet without having to munch on carrot sticks all day long. You can even try making raw vegan burgers, raw vegan lasagne and even raw vegan sushi. Next time you’re here at Friendship Beach, head into our Supernatural restaurant and give them a try… you might surprise yourself!



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