The Only 10 Exercises You Need to Do on Holiday

Following on from our recent blog post on how to workout without a gym on holiday (linked here),  we’re here to tell you the 10 best exercises you can do daily on holiday to keep your body moving! Travelling and being on holiday means being out of routine and often having a lack of time. Lucky for you, these ten exercises can be done in minutes, anywhere, at any time… so there’s no excuses!

  1. Forward Fold: This is the best stretch you can do when you first wake up in the morning. Moving into the movement slowly is the perfect way to keep your body flexible and warmed up to start the day after a long nights sleep. If you can’t touch your toes to begin with, practice everyday and we bet you’ll get there by the end of your trip!
  2. Squat: This compound movement is a great way to strengthen through your quads and glute muscles. Try ten air squats followed by ten jumping squats, and we guarantee you’ll feel the burn!
  3. Triceps Dips: Tricep dips can be done on the side of a chair or your hotel bed. These are a great way to target your tricep muscles and get them fired up!
  4. Lunges: Forward and backward lunges can be easily done in your hotel room. They’re a great strengthening exercise for your entire lower body, including those hip flexors.
  5. Star Jumps: Star jumps may take you back to your old high school days, but they’re the best way to pump up that heart rate and get that sweat on!
  6. Ab Crunches: Fire up those abdominals with 3 sets of 20 ab crunches… we promise you’ll be seeing that six pack in no time!
  7. High Knees: Running on the spot with your knees lifted up high for 40 seconds will get that heart rate pulsing. Try and increase this by 10 seconds each set and see if you feel the difference!
  8. Push Up: The perfect exercise that targets your whole upper body. Keep those elbows close your body and embrace the burn.
  9. Plank: Holding the plank is the perfect way to target the whole body, without much movement. You’ll sure be able to feel those abs firing up but that’s when the magic happens!
  10. Down Dog: Finish off your exercise sequence with a downward facing dog. Lift your hips up to the sky and alternate bending your legs for an even deeper stretch!







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