Where to go shopping in Rawai Phuket

Top 5 shopping places in Phuket

Phuket is a phenomenal getaway island for everyone. Apart from being a perfect place for leisure events, it is also famous for its shopping destinations. As a guest of the Friendship Beach Resort & Atmanjai Wellness Spa, you can easily access most of the outstanding shopping spots on this island including the following:

The Jungceylon shopping mall

The Jungceylon shopping mall is located in the Patong beach resort area. There are hundreds of stores in this shopping complex, restaurants as well as different types of entertainment venues. You can find every brand of perfume, clothing, sunglasses among other items in this store. And for your entertainment purposes, there is a 5-room cinema and a bowling alley.

Phuket central festival

This mall is found along the bypass road on Phuket island. It is ideal for every kind of shopping as it is home to the finest boutiques and shops on this island. If you come to Phuket and decide to do some shopping, you should consider visiting the central department store found in this mall. You will get household items, clothes, toys, as well as entertainment and food outlets.

Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson is a company that has 8 branches in Phuket and specializes in selling silk fabrics. If you, therefore, want to buy fashionable accessories and clothing, then Jim Thompson is the place to shop.

The Phuket weekend market

This market is open every weekend and gives tourists a chance to learn almost everything about the food and the culture of the people in Phuket. It is composed of two sections, open and covered. In these two sections, you can find a selection of second-hand goods including accessories, electronics, vintage, and hippie fashion pieces, shoes and much more. The market also contains a broad range of local delicacies that you might want to explore.

Premium Outlet Phuket

Premium outlet deals with a variety of brands including those with over 300 alternatives. You can find different brands of clothes, accessories, and even sportswear. You can also find souvenirs, handicrafts, toys, woodworks among many other items.

As you can see, Phuket Island has more to offer than you probably thought. The above 5 shopping destinations complete your tour even more.





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