Travel Phuket on Just $10 A day

Travel Phuket on Just $10 A day

One of the very reasons why people love to travel Thailand is because it’s cheap! Many of the Phuket tourists come from Russia, Australia and the United Kingdom, so to them, Phuket is as cheap as it gets! Living and travelling on just $10 a day might sound like a stretch but it’s actually doable, and don’t worry, you won’t be living like a peasant!

  1. Accommodation: Yes there may be some fancy big hotels all over the island, but we’re going for the more low-key, understated accommodation. It might sound romantic but little cabins or huts on the beach are some of the cheapest places to sleep. Imagine waking up to sunrise on the beach every morning… sounds pretty dreamy to us. You can also look into guest houses and cheap hostels too.
  2. Transport: Renting a car can get pricey, especially in high season. Instead we suggest renting a bicycle for next to nothing. If you need to go further afield you can rent a scooter too. If you’re renting a scooter for long term use like a month, compared to just a day, you’ll get a much better deal. Or better yet, try walking… you can learn the streets of Phuket, get exercising and it’s free!
  3. Food: Ditch the Michelin star restaurants and go back to basics. We’re talking street food from a cart on the side of the road. Believe it or not this food is made from the freshest ingredients and beats any restaurants! For just $4 you’ve got your meals sorted for the day!
  4. Activities: Make use of what the land has to offer you without stretching you pocket. Go for a long nature trail off the beaten track, hit up the beaches, walk the old streets of Phuket Town and enjoy the beauty of Phuket without paying a penny!




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