Watersports in Phuket

Watersports in Phuket

The sand, the sun and the sea are a great combination of a perfect holiday. To add taste to the holiday experiences, Phuket Watersports might be a good option.You can enjoy various activities in Phuket, but there are some water sports you should give into consideration when you’re in this paradise.

1. Phuket Scuba Diving and Snorkeling.

Phuket is among one of the top diving regions in the world with some of the fantastic snorkeling & scuba diving locations. Having spectacular rock formations, reefs and stunning assortments of the marine life, Phuket is a beautiful region for the beginners and experienced divers to enjoy. Besides, there are a high number of day trips and dive points.

2. Long Tail boat excursion to the Coral Island.

You can take a long tail boat at the Beach Lounge straight to the Coral Island. At the island, you can enjoy great snorkeling together with the pristine beach.

3. Sea Kayaking

For the energetic ones, Sea kayaks are readily available to the Serenity Guests at a free cost from the East beach lounge.

4. Surf House Phuket

Ideal for the surfers of every skill levels, Surf house is for every surfer’s dream. It offers round surfing 24/7 yearly, irrespective of the weather conditions. Also, surf house is a surfing platform wave machine of high pressure. Safe for the beginners and experts, Surf House in Phuket is great fun for the families.

5. Cable Ski & Wakeboard

Phuket Cable Ski and Wake Board Park provides fun as well as challenging water sports activities for children & adults from beginners to the skillful, with facilities for wakeboarding, knee boarding and water skiing.

6. Game and Sport Fishing

While everybody understands that Puce has a few of the most amazing sand beaches, others do not realize that Phuket is a world-class sporting location for fishing.

7. Whitewater rafting

Relative to Thailand, are whitewater rafting tours in the rivers of Phang Nga. Rafting is a fantastic day out tours to the nearby local waterfalls that are sights to behold.





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