What Stress is Secretly Doing to You

We all know that stress can be harmful for us. We hear it in the media all the time. But do we really know exactly what it is doing to our bodies, and better yet, ways in which we can prevent it occurring in the first place.

Physical Effects

Although stress is often perceived as an emotional response to a situation, chronic stress is likely to manifest itself in a physical form. Whether that’s a rash, pimples, tension headaches, migraines or stomach cramps, stress has a funny way of cropping up and making itself heard. So next time you get a stomach ache or migraine, take a minute to look at your surroundings and see if you’re in a stressful situation. If it’s stress induced, get to the root of the cause rather than popping those pain killers all day long. Chances are stress management is just what you need to rid those physical ailments away.

As well as stress manifesting itself in a physical way, there are also physical stressors that can have damaging effects on the body. Exercise is in fact stress on the body. High intensity exercise puts the body under a lot of pressure and the body does not know how to differentiate between a stressful workout and a real life stressful scenario. Over exercising and undereating puts a ton of stress of the body, not allowing it to function optimally. That’s why switching up your workouts from time to time, adding in some more longer low intensity workouts can actually do your body good!

Mental Effects

Stress can play a big role in our mental clarity. It can often leave us foggy headed, forgetful and frazzled. If you’ve got tons on at work, instead of working through it task by task, stress can often overtake and lead to unproductiveness. Know yourself and be true to that. Don’t fill up your plate too full to the point where you breakdown. Take on what is manageable and learn to say no to what is not. Your productivity and mental clarity will thank you for it!

Stress Management and Preventatives

There are ways in which we can prevent stress happening all together. Although stress is a natural part of life, and acute stress that is paired with out flight or fight response is very important, we can all do better at taking measures to reduce our stress on a daily basis. Things like taking a relaxing epsom salt bath, going for a walk in nature, having a massage, doing yoga or practicing meditation are all simple steps we can incorporate into our daily lives to help manage and prevent stress from long term damage.






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