What To Pack For Your Phuket Trip

What To Pack For Your Phuket Trip

Going on holiday is always exciting! Travelling to a new place, exploring new areas and embracing new cultures. There is lots of unknown when travelling to a new place like Phuket, so we’ve put together a list of some packing essentials so you’ll be sorted from the minute you land!

  1. Summer Wardrobe – This may be an obvious one when travelling to a hot climate, but Phuket really is summer all year round. The temperate never really drops below 25C, so pack light and breezy.
  2. Slip, Slop, Slap – Your suncream might be the most essential. The sun is very strong here and for those coming from a cold climate, it can be quite a shock. We often get quite sun happy as soon as we arrive and over-do it in the sun. So stay protected and ease yourself in.
  3. Stay Dry – If you’re joining us in rainy season, be sure to bring a lightweight jacket or travel umbrella, because when it rains, it really rains!
  4. Spray Them Away – Insect repellent is a must in Thailand. Unfortunately we are inundated with mosquitoes, especially at night time. So invest in some insect repellent and get spraying.
  5. Stay Modest – When visiting temples and holy tourist attractions like the Big Buddha, it’s always advised to cover up and dress respectably. So ladies, pack a lightweight scarf or jacket to stay modest and respectable.
  6. Step Lightly – It is customary in Thailand to take off your shoes before you enter any room or building. You’ll most probably be taking your shoes on and off several times throughout the day, so bring some flip flops or easily adjustable shoes to keep things quick and easy!







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