Frequently Asked Questions about Friendship Beach

What transportation is available at Friendship Beach?
The most reliable taxis at the Phuket airport are located inside the terminal just outside the baggage claim area and charge approximately 1,000 from Phuket International Airport to Friendship Beach Resort & Atmanjai Wellness Spa. Tell them you want to go to Rawai. We are located 2.6 kilometers south of Chalong Circle (between Chalong Circle and Rawai) on the left/ocean side of the road. The taxi ride is approximately 40 minutes.

Metered taxis are also good provided they are available. Their kiosk is located outside the airport exit on the right.

Beware of the cabs operating just outside the airport exit as they will not take you directly to your destination. They will stop at a tour company or retail shop or even other resorts. This is, of course, so they can receive a commission. If you are caught in this situation, you must be firm and tell them to go where you want to go.

We are a small resort and do not offer taxi service. We can send a van or taxi for you but if your plane is late you will be charged waiting time. It is more cost effective to arrange for transportation per paragraph #1 above.

When leaving Friendship Beach or when traveling around the island, the staff will arrange reliable taxi service for you.
Is car hire available at Friendship Beach?
You can rent a car most anywhere on the island. Rates vary depending on the size, duration of rental and style. The least expensive is approximately 800 baht per day and the most expensive 1,500. Do not leave your passport with a rental agency; rather, leave them a copy of your passport.
Are long term rentals available?
Monthly rates are available on request when available except during high season.
Can i book tours from Friendship Beach?
The Staff can arrange almost any type of tour and we recommend only those in which we have participated and know are reputable and priced fairly.
What currencies can be used at Friendship Beach?
Thai baht is the country currency and widely accepted and preferred. Other currencies we can accept are the USD (100 dollar denominations with dates of 2003 or more recent), the EURO and the Pound. There are many places to convert your currency and the rate will be calculated at the bank daily quoted rate.
Are there any return guest benefits?
Although we have been in operation for only 10 years, most all our guests are repeats or referrals. Except for the high-season, they are given a discount and, if they pay in cash, there are further discounts available.